ZonaZoo Crew consists of an eight member executive board and forty-one crew members. There are six teams within the crew: Branding, Community Outreach, Marketing, Media & Communications, Programming, and Gameday Operations. ZonaZoo Crew provides the best possible game day environment for students. We also produce a pre-game show, "ZonaZoo Insider", and a news publication, “Weekend Review". In addition to all of that, ZonaZoo Crew also manages events such as Bear Down Friday, tailgates, Junior Cats, and more. 


ZonaZOo Executive Team:

Executive Director:

Brian G

Associate Director:

Ali B

Branding Director:

Haley O

Marketing Director:

Hannah M

Media & Communications Director:

Malcolm G

Programming Director:

Tyler M

Community Outreach Director:

Marissa N

Game Day Operations Director:

Noah D



ZonaZoo Teams:


Alexa S, Angela M


Evan M, Jayme F, Annie C, Julian F, Reilly T

Media & Communications

Josh D, Ciara E, Campbell D, Shayna G


Chris N, Michelle Y, Morgan S, TJ A, Bailey W, Chance P, Jack A, Daniel A, Natalie C, Chandler M, Grace F


Jelika C, Amber C, Mac B, Ayden J, Mel G, Bridget L, Riley M, Sierra B, Emily W

Gameday Operations

Matt E, Courtney P, Haley F, Rob M, Natalie G, Michael K