ZonaZoo Crew consists of an eight member executive board and forty-one crew members. There are six teams within the crew: Branding, Community Outreach, Marketing, Media & Communications, Programming, and Gameday Operations. ZonaZoo Crew provides the best possible game day environment for students. We also produce a pre-game show, "ZonaZoo Insider", and a news publication, “Weekend Review". In addition to all of that, ZonaZoo Crew also manages events such as Bear Down Friday, tailgates, Junior Cats, and more. 


ZonaZOo Executive Team:

Executive Director:

Brian Goldstein

Associate Director:

Ali Blank

Branding Director:

Haley O'Connor

Marketing Director:

Hannah Muasher

Media & Communications Director:

Malcolm Giles

Programming Director:

Tyler McCoy

Community Outreach Director:

Marissa Nofal

Game Day Operations Director:

Noah Deitch



ZonaZoo Teams:


Alexa Shnaid, Sierra Newcomer, Angela MacIsaac


Evan Markovitz, Jayme Flamm, Annie Clearwater, Chelsey Johnson, Julian Flores, Reilly Tiglio

Media & Communications

Josh Dearborn, Ciara Encinas, Allison Kallin, Campbell Dunn, Shayna Goldberg


Chris Nguyen, Michelle Yu, Morgan Schmitz, TJ Agyakye, Bailey Warnick, Chance Price, Jack Auslen, Daniel Anderson III, Natalie Callesen, Chandler Montgomery, Grace Frame


Jelika Cullinan, Amber Campman, Mac Bowman, Ayden Smith, Arlene Serna, Mel Gates, Bridget Lipp, Riley Matulewic, Sierra Bracamonte, Emily Woodard

Gameday Operations

Matt Etherington, Courtney Pico, Haley Flanigan, Rob Mitzel, Natalie Goldstick, Michael Kelly