ZonaZoo 101

Alright Wildcats, it’s time for possibly the most important class you will take in your undergrad career: ZonaZoo 101. This course is designed to answer all of the questions you may have about being a part of the best student section in the country, the ZonaZoo! And the best part is…it only takes about 10 minutes!


What is the difference between a Red and Blue ZonaZoo pass? Is the $25 extra for Student Wildcat Club worth it?

Red Pass: Costs $150 and includes all home games for the following sports: Football, Men’s Basketball (excluding Holiday games), Women’s Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Soccer, and Baseball. 
Blue Pass: Costs $110 and includes all of the above sports with the exception of Men’s basketball.
Student Wildcat Club: Although the Student Wildcat Club is separate from the ZonaZoo, it allows its members to reserve tickets for home basketball games a day earlier than the rest of the ZonaZoo. Additionally, it provides its members with an optional seating section exclusive to the club.


Do I get anything else with the purchase of a ZonaZoo pass?

By purchasing a ZonaZoo pass, you also receive: A ZonaZoo t-shirt, ZonaZoo newsletters, priority for Men’s Basketball student holiday packs, and priority for Men’s Basketball student post-season tournament tickets.


How do I get my ZonaZoo shirt?

There will be several t-shirt distribution days early on in the semester, prior to the first home football game. Keep a lookout for emails from ZonaZoo and follow us on social media for specific times and location!


Is there an actual pass that I will receive?

Nope! Your CatCard is your ticket into all games!


Do I have to go to every game?

When you purchase a ZonaZoo pass, you are eligible to go to every game; however, it does not mean that you’re committing to attend every game!


Do I have to reserve tickets for games?

Different sports have different ticket distribution policies. Women’s basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Soccer, and Baseball do not require reservations, meaning all you have to do to support these teams is show up with your CatCard.

Football: For the most part, home football games are on a first come, first serve basis. This means that once all of the seats in the Zoo are filled, no one else will be admitted into the student section. The exception to this is bigger games with a higher anticipated attendance such as a rivalry game against ASU. In these cases, you may have to reserve a ticket, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements from ZonaZoo regarding ticket reservations.

Basketball: It’s no secret that our Men’s Basketball team has had a pretty successful history! With that in mind, it is necessary to reserve tickets for all home Men’s Basketball games. The Sunday before each home basketball game (Saturdayif you are a member of the Student Wildcat Club), ticket reservations begin online at10am. Try to reserve as early as possible, because spots run out quickly! Admission is not guaranteed.


What happens if I can’t go to a game that I reserved a ticket for?

We understand that sometimes things come up! If you need to, you can cancel your ticket reservation! You must cancel your ticket for a game by 11 a.m. on game days UNLESS the game is before 3 p.m., you must cancel by 9 a.m. Due to the popularity of our basketball games, we want to make sure that as many people as possible are able to experience a game in McKale Center. With that in mind, if you do not cancel your reservation and miss the game, there is a penalty system in place.


Does ZonaZoo have any pep rallies or tailgates before games?

Every Friday before each home football game, ZonaZoo puts on an event in Main Gate Square (on University Blvd.) called Bear Down Friday. Bear Down Friday is basically a pep rally for the community to come and get pumped for the following day's game. It is open to anyone and is full of games, performances, and more! ZonaZoo also hosts a student tailgate on the mall before each home football game. Tailgates include food and drinks, and are open to all U of A students!


Is there any way that I can get more involved with ZonaZoo other than sporting events?

ZonaZoo puts on many non-sporting events throughout the year, including opportunities to give back to the community such as the ZonaZoo Blood Drive and Junior Cats. Make sure to be on the lookout for these events as they come up!