The Zoo in Review 9.16

What’s up ZonaZoo? We hope you are finally settling into your classes and are loving the school year so far! A lot has happened with Arizona Athletics since our last article and we can’t wait to fill you in!

Women’s Soccer hosted the Women’s Cat Classic this weekend that included your Wildcats, Pepperdine, ASU, and Texas Tech. On Friday the Cats played Texas Tech in a nail biting game that went into overtime and ended in a tie of 1-1. On Sunday the Cats fell to Pepperdine unfortunately ending their undefeated start. Women’s Soccer has some firecracker players that will be sure to continue bringing victory for Arizona. Soccer plays their next game on Friday, September 18th at UC Riverside.

Women’s Volleyball also played this weekend where they attended a tournament in Brooklyn and made even more of a name for themselves when they won their first game bringing them to a win streak of 8-0 until their last game of the weekend when they lost to Ohio State. Though their last game was a somewhat disappointment, we can’t help but give credit to the women for bringing Arizona to its best consecutive winning stretch since the 2009 season where they began with 12 wins in a row. Volleyball plays their next game on Friday against Texas at 8:00pm.

Last, but certainly not least Arizona Football kicked off their season (pun intended) at in Tucson two weekends ago against UTSA. Even though the weather was nasty with rain and an absurd amount of humidity, ZonaZoo was loyal to their cats and stayed the entire game. Our school spirit, along with our extremely talented athletes, help lead UA to their first victory of the season with a score of 42-32. This past weekend Football went to Nevada not to take a whirl with the slot machines but to play against the Wolf Pack. We know what you’re thinking, no not the wolf pack like the dudes from the Hangover, but the football team. Junior Cayleb Jones caught six passes for 103 yards and Sophomore Nick Wilson rushed 194 yards bringing the cats 3 touchdowns leading the Wildcats to another victory with a score of 44-20. Football’s next game is at home against fellow state school NAU this Saturday at 8pm! Also be sure to go to Bear Down Friday at 5:30 to get pumped up for the game!

Peace. Love. Zoo.