Get Up! It's GameDay!

We are built by tradition. Excellence is not just a goal set, it’s expected. The ZonaZoo is loud, proud and ready to rumble. From the explosion of fireworks before kick-off, to the symphony of “All Hail” at the end of the 4th quarter, The Zoo stays the entire game, rain or shine, and this week, we have something even bigger to look forward to than just the Saturday night lights. Arizona has not hosted ESPN’S College GameDay since 2009, but this Saturday, September 26th, we get to remind the country what it’s like to be wild about dem Cats. That’s right, ESPN is coming to Tucson and we have a lot to show them once they arrive. We aren’t only the only undefeated state school left in Arizona, but we have moved up 6 spots in the AP poll from a preseason rank of #22 to a 4th week rank of #16. This weekend we get the opportunity to play the #9 UCLA Bruins and with a mutual undefeated season, they are going to create for a nail biting event. Although the Cats have lost to UCLA in the last 3 encounters, it is a new year for Arizona Football and anything can happen. Any given day, any given team, no matter the odds stacked against them, can come out with a victory. Both teams have talent, both teams have the necessary credentials, but who comes out with a W at the end of Saturday’s battle will be determined by who brings the most hunger and leaves the most heart. Arizona Football has been bronzed as the underdog time and time again, but we all know what they say, “Let sleeping Bruins lie.”

ESPN GameDay broadcasting starts at 6am on Saturday morning on The Mall and will go on until 9am. We know it’s early, but a zonazoo member/barista has informed us that Starbucks opens at 4:30am on Saturday and if college hasn’t already taught you, we would like to show you that caffeine can do marvelous things. Tailgates start at 1pm, we’ll curb your appetite so all you have to worry about during the game is whether or not your game face is good enough for the big screen. Kick-off is at 5pm, wear all of the red clothing you own and wear it proud(It’s a red out for a reason).



One GameDay tradition is that fans have the chance to show their spirit by making signs that will be behind the broadcaster’s stage. The signs are supposed to be distracting and catch people’s eyes with references to social media, shows, movies, etc., but we also want to keep the signs appropriate. Posters also cannot be attached to sticks. Signs that are inappropriate will be confiscated by security.


Just don’t do it. Do whatever you need to do to get ready for the game, before the game. We want all the fans to get crazy, but the only liquids we want our zoo to have during the game is water. It’s more hydrating than the other stuff; we’re just looking out for you.


Since gameday is open to the public, we want to make sure that we maintain a safe environment for everyone. No bikes, carts, or skateboards will be permitted on the mall and no bags, backpacks, or bottles will be permitted in the pit.


Remember that only the first 10,000 students will be admitted to the game, so come early with your friends and get a good seat.

BearDown, get hyped, and #RuinTheBruins! College GameDay is coming to Tucson! See you Saturday!